FingerPrint Locks – Protect Your Home and Family

Finger Print Locks
Is your home protected? Does you home have unsurpassed security? Well if not you need to upgrade today and get fingerprint locks on your doors. The picture you see above is that of the Trinity 788 Tubular Latch Fingerprint Door Lock and it features a reversible handle, touch sensitive fingerprint activated sensor and individual user deletion.

The FingerPrint Lock will help you to secure and easily limit access to low traffic secure areas like conference rooms, home offices and storage areas. Plus this will safe you the huge cost of cutting individual keys for each person who has access to that area.

The lock is a stand alone system, no PC is required. Each fingerprint adopts its programmed number from 01-99. User’s print displays when access is requested on the LCD readout. Do you have any idea if the service providers or housekeepers are cutting extra keys to your home or even your office for there own purpose? No you don’t and you will never know but with Fingerprint lock key duplications will be a thing of the pass for you.

Two emergency access methods are built into the lock in case the batteries fail. You can use a traditional key or simply touch a 9V battery to the two terminals under the lock to provide interim power to the fingerprint sensor. You can even access the lock with one PIN code. These locks rival the security levels that the Pentagon has.

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