Firefox OS

FireFox OS Coming to Wearable Devices

The next SmartWatch you own might be running Mozilla’s Firefox operating system. Mozilla’s Firefox OS is an operating system designed around the technology as the company’s popular web browser of the same name.

Firefox OS
The operating system is based on open source software and was developed to run smartphone and tablets, plus it was also designed to make it for developers to create third-party apps using web tools such as HTML5.

The open source operating system was initially positioned to run on tablets and smartphones, but as of late we have seem the OS running on smartTVs and other TV accessories as well. According to the guys over at Computer World, Mozilla is currently working on getting the OS compatible to run on smartwatches, smart glasses and other devices designed to be worn.

Mozilla is hoping to differentiate itself with its web apps and its open source code base. There’s no word on when we will see the OS on the first smartwatch or other wearable devices but we will keep our eyes opened and keep you updated.

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