First iPad Clone runs Windows 7 with Atom

ePad iPad Clone
Manufactured in Shenzhen is the first attempt of cloning the Apple iPad, it was done by a company called Superman Industrial. Unlike the iPad, the EPad it features a 10.1-inch LCD Touchscreen Display and is powered by the Intel Atom Platform and Windows 7.

In terms of the specs, the device offers a 1024 x 600 pixel resolution, 2 cm thick and weighs 1.3 kg, unlike the iPad which is only 1.34 cm thick and weighs 0.73 kg for the heavy 3G version. Superman Industrial has also opted not to custom develop their own SoC so instead you find an Intel Atom N450 clocked at 1.66 GHz. It comes with a 3000mAh battery which will definitely limit usage time.

Conclusion from our friends over at Shanzai, The OS and the processor platform are the two things that will hold back this EPad design. Windows 7 is not designed for tablets, even if it does have improved touch capability. Microsoft are great at desktop and notebook PC environments, but as we can see from their smart phone offerings they clearly still have a long way to go outside of the PC. The alternative is Android, but right now I reckon it still needs work before it can become a truly compelling OS that can compete with Apple on the tablet.

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