Fitbit Android App reaches 1 Million Downloads

Fitbit has announced that its activity and sleep trackers now supports up to 44 iOS and Android devices, which is an additional 26 devices for users to chose from.

fitbit forceIn addition to now support more devices than before, they also announced that Android users are now rapidly adopting the Fitbit fitness tracker and application and have already downloaded the app more than 1 million times from the Google Play Store.

The Fitbit Application will also come pre-loaded on the new HTC One M8 smartphone that was announced earlier this week. Fitbit explained in their press release saying: “The free Fitbit app accounted for 83 percent of device installs on Google Play among top fitness tracker apps. The Distimo study also verified that Fitbit dominates companion apps for fitness trackers competition on iOS with 72 percent of downloads.

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