Five Digital Phone Functions You Should Use

Today, it’s hardly possible to surprise anyone with a digital cordless phone at home or in the office. Yet, there are a number of functions digital phones feature that you might not know about even using the device every single day.
Here are the top five cordless phone functions that can make your day more effective.

Function #1. Built-in memory
If you have a large client base and making phone calls takes a significant amount of your time, the built-in phone memory is a feature you should definitely use. It allows you to store up to 250 names and numbers so you have quick access to client numbers at the touch of a button. No wasting time on finding the right name and number.

Function #2. 30 minutes of recording time
What if an important client calls why you’re out? A smart answering machine can help you out 24/7. Quality digital phones feature answering machines built-in with up to half an hour of recording time, which is perfect for times when you have to receive essential information.

Function #3. 10-hour talk-time battery life
Again, the feature is irreplaceable if phone calls make an important part of your business day, when you have little time from one conversation to another to recharge the phone battery. It’s very convenient to have the possibility to make calls the whole day at work without the low battery warning.

Function #4. Caller ID display
The function allows you to see who is calling and who called while you were out. With this function, you don’t have to worry about missing an important call from a prospective client or business partner. Just redial and get to the subject.

Function #5. Call waiting
The function is also very useful to avoid nuisance calls. Call waiting alerts let you know if there are more incoming calls while you’re on the phone. You can switch lines at the push of a button to talk with several people simultaneously.

Ensure you make the most of your digital phone functions as it may help boost business productivity and revenue in the long run. Just remember to activate the services after buying a digital phone.

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