Five Year Old discovers Xbox Live Security Flaw

A security flaw has been revealed with Xbox Live and it was revealed by a five-year-old boy, after he gained access to his father’s account without even knowing his password. Kristoffer Von Hassel was able to gain access to his father’s Xbox Live account, and he got in by simple entering spaces in the password verification field.

xbox live newsWell, after entering the incorrect password in the main login screen, Von Hassel found out that he can access his father’s account by filling the password field with spaces in the second password verification screen. The security bug was later reported to Microsoft by Kristoffer’s father who saw his son playing restricted games on the console.

Microsoft has since fixed the bug, and rewarded the child with four free games, and a year long subscription to Xbox Live. Microsoft also added Kristoffer to its list of recognized security researchers, which is a major accomplishment for the young boy.

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