Flappy Bird Returns as Multiplayer Game on Amazon Fire TV

The Flappy Bird game is back everyone, however its only available on Amazon’s Fire TV. Back in February, Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen pulled his game from App Stores citing that he was guilty of making what he considered to be an “addictive product”. He then promised fans that he would make tweaks to the game making it “less addictive”, and it would return in August.

flappy birds family
Well it’s August! And he surely kept his promise, Flappy Bird is back but with a twist. The game has been rebranded as the “Flappy Bird’s Family”, the game is now focused on two-player mode that fits players against each other in a race to a preset finish line. Dong also added more obstacles, instead of only having to worry about pipes, the game now have ghost that tries to stop you in your path.

However, this is not the most surprising thing about “Flappy Birds Family” coming back, the game is currently exclusive to Amazon Fire TV set-top box. It appears that Amazon was in talks with Dong about resurrecting flappy Birds and make it exclusively of their product, you might even see it on the new Fire Phone soon.

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