Flickr announces One Free Terabyte of Storage per user

In addition to acquiring Tumblr, Photo Sharing Website Flickr, a subsidiary of Yahoo has announced that it is now offering one full terabyte of storage space for each of its users, being one of the first online storage website to offer this much storage space. The service is being offered in addition to its full resolution photo storage service.

Flickr RedesignEven though the average user will probably never touch the outer limits of the storage capacity in their lifetime, this will be enough to attract dedicated photographers to the service and, more importantly bring users back to using Yahoo. This seems like a move that was cleverly thought out my Yahoo, there’s no doubt that Google or Facebook won’t make a similar move in the near future but Yahoo will always have bragging rights of being the first in the market with this particular feature.

As Marissa Mayer noted in her presentation, this is about “bringing lifetimes of beauty into Flickr.” It’s also about convincing casual photographers to trust Flickr as a universal shoebox for their old snaps – a lucrative and surprisingly important thing to be.

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