ambulance drone

Flying Ambulance Drone developed by Dutch Engineering Student

ambulance drone
Drones are becoming more popular everyday, they are so popular that the Federal Aviation Administration receives multiple complaints of them flying close to highly populated areas on a daily basis. Even though some people might think that they are a nuisance, a Dutch Engineering student just developed one that could help save your life in the near future.

An engineering student has developed an Ambulance drone that can travel up to 61 miles per hour to deliver its on-board defibrillator to short-range patients within 60 seconds. The drones features a GPS unit for navigation, speaker system, an on-board camera and can reach patients within a 12 square km in under 60 seconds, and should greatly increase cardiac-related survival rates for members of the public.

flying ambulance drone
The official Facebook page for the Ambulance Drone also noted that a 125mph model is currently being worked on, achieved through more power and decreased drag.

[Via: TweakTown]

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