Flytecam Rugged POV 1080p Video Camera

Flytecam rugged POV rangeFlytecam is one of the latest companies to enter the personal point of view camera market, and it made its entry with the new Flytecam camera which provides users with an easy way of recording their exploits in 1080p high-resolution. The Flytecam was designed to be rugged, making it capable of taking knocks and drops that the conventional 1080p camera could not survive.

It was also designed to work underwater and it will still record your underwater excursions up to a 3m depth. Other features you can expect from the Flytecam includes a 120° lens and the ability to capture footage using a slow motion feature at 60fps in a 720p quality.

FlytecamThere’s an internal rechargeable battery that is capable of delivering up to 3 hours of use from a single charge plus the camera can be used with the Flytemount mounting system that uses magnets and rubber grips to secure the camera while in use. The company has made it be known, but it’s not available for purchase just yet but as soon as the company starts accepting pre-orders, we will update you guys.

[Source: Flytecam]

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