Foursquare Swarm App now available for iOS and Android

Foursquare is expanding it’s reach way beyond checking into your favorite hangout spot, they have also came up with a way to help you discover new watering holes and eateries with its Swarm App. The Swarm App is the off-spring of the FourSquare app that changes focus from check-ins, the Swarm app allows users to track where people are and where that location is in relation to their friends.

swarm app
Swarm is now available on both iOS and Android and it could be considered as the new version of Foursquare’s friend finder with a few new features as well. With Swarm users can still check-in at their favorite restaurants, bar, clothing store you name, however instead of competing with everyone that check-ins at the location, you will only be competing with friends to become mayor.

swarm screenshot
Using the Swarm app, as soon as you check it at a location or neighborhood it is revealed to authorized people where you and friends are, making it easy to find a hangout spot close to all your friends. The app is now available for free download from the Google Play Store for Android and the iTunes App Store for iPhones.

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