Free Web Hosting from Doteasy

DoteasyIt’s hard to find a free hosting package that is at the same time reliable enough these days. Usually, what you get from a free hosting plan that web hosts offer is just not sufficient for your website’s needs. And that’s aside from other annoying factors such as forced ads, pop-ups or even hidden charges.

Doteasy is one of the best web hosting providers around that offers free web hosting packed with a lot of great features. By simply registering a domain name with them, you automatically get a free web hosting package that you can already use. And their free hosting package is by far better than what others offer. With their free web hosting plan, they guarantee 99.9% uptime which most web hosts cannot commit to. They also guarantee no annoying ads or pop-ups that may cause your website look unprofessional or cluttered. There’s no set up fee and no hidden charges. You get great web tools and applications such as for creating blogs, forums and other things that you need for your website needing to learn how to do the technical coding. You can even get to try how easy things work on their easy box page. They also provide free technical support for all their members. And that’s just some of the great things they have on their free web hosting plan. But if you need more hosting resources, they also have other hosting plans such as unlimited hosting for just $9.95 per month.

So if you’re planning to have a website whether to have just a blog or even for business, Doteasy is a web hosting provider you would definitely want to try. Register your any .com/.net/.org domain for $7.95 with coupon code 1003BPM or click this domain registration link.

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