FreedomPop gives Unlimited Calling for $5 per Month

The definition of Affordable just took a huge turn, thanks to FreedomPop. This is a very affordable way of making phone calls in the United States and connecting to the internet while on the go. The new FreedomPop unlimited mobile calling service allows its subscribers to make unlimited calls in the US for only $5 per month.

You are probably wondering, how are they able to do this? Well FreedomPop only provides calls and access to the internet via WiFi hotspots. There’s a free application you can download to your Android Smartphone or tablet giving instant access to over 10 million hotspots across the US.

In the press release by the company, they announced that they will be partnering with a variety of WiFi providers across the US including Boingo, to provide wireless mobile phone call coverage. There’s a downside to the network, if you are on an active call and leaves the WiFi area, you call will drop and have to wait until you get to the next hotspot to start making and receiving calls.

The new FreedomPop unlimited service has been created to provide a cheap alternative and competition to other 4G LTE networks. You can check to see if your area is covered with their hotspot network by heading over to their website to check hotspot coverage by entering your zip code.

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