Fruit Ninja – Puss in Boots Coming Next Week

Fruit Ninja iPhone GameIf you are one of the few person who has unlocked every achievement in Fruit Ninja and you are presently on the top of every leader board available for the game, then you must get ready so more challenges are coming your way as early as next week. Halfbrick and THQ have announced the launch of a new Fruit Ninja game, in conjunction with the release of DreamWorks new upcoming animated movie “Puss in Boots”, they proudly presents Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots.

The game retained its same classic, fruit slashing action plus they have added some exciting new game modes as well. In addition to the new game modes, it features new unlockable weapons and backgrounds. The games is expected out on October 20, 2011 for iOS devices, the iPhone version will cost you $0.99 to download but it you have an iPad you will have to pay $1.99 to download that version. Check out its new promo video that was taken from Youtube.

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