Genius announces its Ultra Wide Angle WideCam 320

Genius has announced the availability of an ultra wide angle webcam for conference calls, the WideCam 320. The new wide angle webcam comes with a lens which ensures that everyone around the conference table can be seen without any crowding together, capturing everyone in a single frame.

Genius WideCam 320The webcam also comes with a built-in sensitive microphone that will pick up the speaker’s voice clearly while filtering out any background noise. In addition to broadcasting a board room meeting to someone across the globe with a 640×480 pixel resolution at 30fps, it also has the ability to capture 8-Megapixel still images, a feature that is aided by a 3x digital zoom for crystal clear images.

The webcam also comes with a universal clip that can be conveniently clipped onto any size monitor or screen. It comes with a 1.5 meter USB cable so you will have the freedom to place the WideCam in the most efficient spot without worrying about restrictions. The Genius WideCam 320 is now available at GeniuseShop and Amazon for the suggested retail price of US$39.99.

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