Genius announces SP-HF800A Classically-styled 3-way Speakers

Genius has just announced its new SP-HF800A classically-styled 3-way speakers that were designed for use with desktops, notebooks, tablets and MP3 players. These new wood cabinet speakers are perfect for listening to music or watching movies.

Genius SP-HF800A SpeakersThe SP-HF800A speakers comes in a 9-inch tall casing making it easy to be placed on virtually any table or desk. It features a classical maple wood color design and provides clear and balanced sound with 20 watts of output. There are two speakers in the unit, the speaker unit has two 2-inch woofer drivers for extended bass and one 1-inch tweeter for soft and smooth treble.

The cones of the drivers have an elegant copper-coated color and golden plated rings for an even more classical aesthetic appeal. The SP-HF800A is currently available in the US and Canada for the suggested retail price of US$54.99.

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