Genius G-Pen M609X and G-Pen M712X Tablet

Genius G-Pen M609X
Genius has presented two of its latest multimedia Tablets, with the previous launch of the Genius EasyPen i405 and MousePen i608 Tablets the company is at it again.

The G-Pen M609X and G-Pen M712X are both dual-mode and come with extensive multimedia functions that make creativity a breeze. The G-Pen M609X comes in two different models, one model having a 9-inch x 5.5-inch widescreen display and the other having a 7.25-inch x 5.5-inch screen display. On the other hand the G-Pen M712X has a 12-inch x 7.25-inch widescreen display version and a 9.5-inch x 7.25-inch display with 34 hotkeys while the G-Pen M609X only has 26 hotkeys.

The G-Pen M712X is priced at $219 (MSRP) and comes with PhotoShop Elements 6.0, PhotoImpact 12SE, Macro Key Manager and Office Ink/Free Notes; the G-Pen M609X comes with all the same software (minus PhotoElements 6.0), and is priced at $169 (MSRP).

Genius G-Pen M712X Tablet
G-Pen M712X Tablet


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