Genius Ring Mouse 2 Wearable Air Mouse

Genius just announced its new peripheral which comes as a new wearable ring style air mouse dubbed Ring Mouse 2. The new wearable air mouse features a lightweight and human-oriented ring design for business, travel, education as well as HTPC users.

Genius Ring Mouse 2The Ring Mouse 2 utilizes touch control technology and allows users to slide their finger to navigate web pages or documents. You can switch to cursor mode to use the device as an in-air mouse for actual mouse functions, including cursor movement, dragging, four way scroll, left, right and middle click.

The new Genius Ring mouse 2 utilizes 2.4GHz wireless technology and it provides up to 10 meters of operation range. The Ring Mouse 2 also comes with a slim Li-ion rechargeable battery in the device. It comes in the colors of silver and titanium.

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