Genius SW-G2.1 3000 Gaming Speaker

Genius SW-G2.1 3000 Gaming Speakers

Genius SW-G2.1 3000 Gaming Speaker
Genius has announced the new SW-G2.1 3000 Gaming Speakers from its GX Gaming Series. The Genius SW-G2.1 3000 is a 70 watt RMS speaker system that includes the GX series loudest subwoofer at 6.5-inches providing 40 watts of heart-thumping bass, two 15 watt curvaceous satellite speakers, and a separate control box for easy adjustment of volume and bass.

The system is equipped with 3-inch metal cones that enables the system to play middle to high range audio vividly and vibrantly. The subwoofer pounds out frequencies as low as 35Hz and it is able to achieve high volumes at low distortion.

On the front of the system there is a headphone and microphone jack for private listening or for chatting while gaming with friends while on the rear end of the device, there’s a 3.5mm standard input allows for instant hookup to PCs and external audio devices such as MP3/CD players, and the two RCA jacks are designed for connections to game consoles, DVD players and TVs.

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