Genius SW-HF5.1 5050 Wood Surround Sound System

Genius SW-HF5.1 5050
Other than the SP-HF500A Deluxe Hi-Fi Wooden Speakers, Genius has also announced its new six-piece SW-HF5.1 5050 Wood Surround Sound System for consumers who wants to experience a theater in their home. The SW-HF5.1 5050 is available in a cherry wood finish and features a 75 watt subwoofer with a built-in 6.5-inch driver that delivers a superb and deep rich bass performance.

There is a three-way center speaker that delivers excellent and clear middle sound range, four 15 watt two-way satellites. It has a LED display that shows the volume. There is 5.1 surround sound for music, movies and video games plus it will connect to your DVD player, Game console, TV, and MP3/CD players. It comes with a Remote Control and easy set-up information

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