Genius Trio Racer F1 Gamers Steering Wheel.

Genius Trio Racer F1
Genius introduces the Trio Racer F1, the latest Gaming Steeling Wheel from the company. The Genius Trio Racer F1 is an 8.6-inch wheel and is compatible with most of the popular gaming consoles which includes PS3, Wii, GameCube and your PC as well. There are hand levers on the back so you can change gears easily while racing, there are 11 built-in programmable buttons which can be used for features in racing games such as horn, emergency brake, lights, maps, etc. and ergonomic foot pedal includes an accelerator and brake.

The Wheel has a ergonomic design which makes it ideal for marathon racing and there is a mounting clamp to secure the steering wheel to a surface.

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