Genius unveils new Vehicle Dash DVR-FHD560 Camcorder

Genius Vehicle Dash DVR-FHD560 CamcorderGenius just unveiled a new product for drivers who wants to document their daily commute, the Vehicle Dash DVR-FHD560 Camcorder that comes with a mount that allows the wide-angle lens to capture the entire road. It comes with a lens that has a 128° viewing angle, the lens also rotates 180° online drivers to record traffic going either side of the vehicle.

Genius also equipped the camera with a lowlight sensor allowing the device to record in dark conditions. The camera can be removed from the included windshield mount and used as a camcorder for recording friends and family. The device also has an integrated 600mAh rechargeable battery plus it has the option to record to a 32GB SDHC card or its limited built-in storage capacity.

They will start selling the Vehicle Dash DVR-FHD560 Camcorder which will be shipped with a DC adapter for the price of $149.

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