Gigabyte Booktop D1080

Gigabyte Booktop D1080 Tablet Docking Station

Gigabyte Booktop D1080
In addition to its ultra-performance Gaming Laptop, Gigabyte also has the Gigabyte D1080 Docking Station for Tablets on display at CeBIT 2012. The D1080 docking station comes from Gigabyte Booktop series and was designed specially for Gigabyte’s S1080 and S1081 Tablets, transforming the tablets into an entertainment center thus enabling users to enjoy hands-free movies, TV shows and other multimedia.

The device comes with a few I/O connectivity ports, including HDMI, D-sub, three USB 2.0, RJ45, headphone and microphone ports. The dock also includes four integrated speakers; a set of 2 dual channel speakers and 2 sets of 40mm woofer speakers.

The Booktop D1080 measures 244.9(L) x 155(W) x 87.5(H)mm, weighs 739g and the company also packs a DVD- Super Multi Dual-Layer Drive allow the user to watch their favorite DVD on the docked tablet.

[via Gigabyte]

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