Gigabyte Force K3 and K8100 Gaming Keyboards

Gigabyte Force K3 and Gigabyte K8100Gigabyte presents us with two new gaming keyboards just in time for the holiday shopping, they are the Force K3 which we revealed back in October and the K8100. Both keyboard features the same key layout but the K8100 weighs a bit more than the Force K3, they both comes with a gold-plated USB connector which makes the them more durable.

The Gigabyte Force K3 was designed specially to withstand water splashes so if your coffee accidentally spills then you’re safe. The Gigabyte K8100 comes with a braided cable that prevents from being tangled during storage, both keyboards also comes with a special silicone to seal the keyboard to keep out dust and lower the noise level while typing.

Both the Gigabyte Force K3 and K8100 are presently available but no pricing information has been found. On both sides of the keyboard there are two USB 2.0 ports plus there is a button on the back side that switch on/off the LED light.

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