Gigabyte introduces SkyVision WS100 Wireless HD Sync Device

SkyVision WS100 Front Panel
Gigabyte announced a new product on the market dubbed the SkyVision WS100 Wireless HD Sync Device, enabling users to make their life more convenient and provide an amazing visual extension. The new SkyVision WS100 with WHDI 1.0 (Wireless Home Digital Interface) technology delivers Full HD 1080p videos or Blu-ray movies from any HDMI-ready device to HDTV.

The new SkyVision WS100 can deliver high-definition videos wirelessly from a range of up to 10 meters! According to Gigabyte; enjoying full HD media playback on your larger screen in a neat environment has never been easier.

SkyVision WS100SkyVision transmitter and receiver will detect and connect with each other automatically with operating frequency between 5.1 GHz to 5.8 GHz. HD video/audio and PC gaming battles can be simultaneously transmitted (latency < 1 ms) to your HDTV.

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