Girly USB Bracelet that stores memories on your wrist

USB Bracelet
Here is another fancy USB gadget that look girly and luxurious. It looks more like a piece of jewelry rather than a storage device. Behind the sparkly diamond like crystals you will find a hidden USB flash drive.

Hidden USB

The connector is swiveled out at the side when you are ready to connect it to your PC, the design makes it looks really expensive but it is made from stainless steel and rhinestones.

It is available in 2GB Version and 8GB Version. The 2GB is available at Chinagrabber for $22.99 and the 8GB version is available at Brando for approximately $33

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  1. hi

    i need to know the price of the above brac. USB and i need to know whether you have large quantity and if you can send the same to UAE

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