God Of War 3 on Display at GameStop

God Of War 3 Ultimate Edition
The capability to unleash Kratos’ wrath is at hand once again with the release of God Of War 3, the Ultimate Edition. I was driving just off State Road Seven (SR7) in Fort Lauderdale and saw the flyer in a GameStop Outlet Window, I had to stop and check it out, once inside I saw this display (shown above) and as soon as I was about to grab one and head to checkout, I realized that there were two words on the cases that really broke my heart “Coming Soon”, so unfortunately it won’t be available until the 16th of March 2010.

Although it has a pre-sale price of $59.99 at GameStop, I just saw it on pre-order over at Amazon for approximately $3 less at $56.99. The game will only be available for Playstation 3 after release and there is no word if it will be available on other consoles after. You can pre-order by clicking on the Buy Now button below..

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