Google allegedly working on Low Price Nexus Device

The rumor mill is once again churning, and according to the rumors being churned Google is prepping the release of a new Nexus Smartphone later this year. Several rumors also claim that this might be the last Nexus device for right now, as there are claims that the internet giants might be discontinuing the Nexus Line.

nexus devicesGoogle is allegedly working on a low cost Nexus Smartphone which will be powered by a MediaTek Processor which should make it really affordable, knowing that Google Nexus device already come with an affordable price with high-end hardware inside its casing.

Nexus device normally comes with Qualcomm processor, now with a MediaTek processor the price that will definitely reduce the price probably into the low $100 range. If these rumors turn out to be true, this might be just a mid-range device unless MediaTek will be manufacturing a special processor for this collaboration. There’s no official word from Google or MediaTek regarding this, however we should hear more details very soon.

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