Google Chrome grabs 15.5% Market Share in August

Google Chrome BrowserThe Google Chrome Browser has only been on the market for three years and it has already grabbed a 15.51% market share globally while Internet Explorer and Firefox slips. The browser continues its upward trend in August with Net Applications publishing statistics that show Chrome is growing rapidly. In July of 2011, Chrome had a 14.33% market share which proves that its growth continues on a solid path.

While Chrome has consolidated its third place in the browser market, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox both lost a little ground but remained the first and second most used browsers, respectively. In August IE had a 55.31% share but it July it was at 55.97% while Mozilla Firefox was at 22.81% and fell a little in August to 22.57%.

Other browsers such as Apple’s Safari is at fourth with 4.64% in August and was at 4.63 in July, lets not forget Opera in fifth place, who in my opinion is trying real hard with a 1.68% in August from a 1.70% in July.

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