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Google Drive now Gives 2GB of Extra Storage with Security Checks

Google Drive
As a part of their Safer Internet Day (yesterday), Google is offering an extra 2GB of free storage on Google Drive. In order to qualify for the 2GB free Google Drive storage, all you need to do is run a security check up on your Google account to make sure the account is secure and you get the two gigs upgrade.

Once the check up is completed successfully, you’ll see green checkboxes below each check done to confirm that you’re eligible for free storage. Each Google user that completes the full security check up will see that extra storage automatically added to their account on February 28, 2015, Google will even send an email when the adjustment is completed to each account.

Special Offer: Microsoft offering 100GB of Cloud Storage for you to use Bing for a year.

The security check up only takes a maximum of about two minutes to complete, and according to Google it was designed to ensure that you’re using the maximum-security of your Google account.

So Google want you to look at it this way, you are making sure your security is tight and at the same time you’re getting something to do it.

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