Google Glass now available from Google Play at $1500

Google is now finally opening up its Google Glass for all those who always wanted to wear a computer on their face, and you can be one of those people if you are willing to fork out $1500.

Even though the company finally made the device available for all those interested, they haven’t made it more affordable. Google is still selling the Google Glass as an “Explorer Edition” device for early testers, and it still costs $1500.

Google Glass Play
The device was initially opened up to the market back in May, however you had to place an order through the Google Glass shop. Now it’s available from the Google Play Store, the same place you can get your apps, music, books, Nexus Phones and Tablets and the Android Wear Smartwatches.

Google opening up sales to the public, simple means the company is one step closer to to launching its wearable computer as something more than a prototype for beta testers and developers.

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