Google Glasses Patent reveals Household Appliance Control

Google recently filed for a new patent which reveals that its new Google Glasses which is currently under development might be able to control your household appliances, which includes your light switches, coffee maker and television set.

Google GlassesThe new patent was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office reveals that Google has patent an application called ’Wearable Computer with Superimposed Controls and Instructions Device’ for Google Glasses. The technology would be able to provide users with a virtual control panel that would control items around the house.

Once its launched on the market, you might be a little dubious about wearing Google Glasses out in public, but you will probably love the functions they have indoors. Google is already taking pre-orders for the Google Glasses which are being priced at $1,500 per unit.

Google Glasses patent explains what the device will be able to do!

“In order to control the target device, the wearer may attempt to touch the virtual control interface at the apparent distance of the virtual control interface.

For example, the wearer may touch a location on the refrigerator where a virtual button in the virtual control interface appears. The wearable computing device may recognize this touching motion as a control instruction and transmit the control instruction to the target device.

A wearable computing device, comprising: a head-mounted display (HMD), wherein the HMD is configured to provide a field of view in which at least a portion of an environment of the wearable computing device is viewable, and wherein the HMD is operable to display images superimposed over the field of view”

Google Glasses

[Source: USPTO]

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