Google and Mattel remakes the View-Master

The decade long View-Master is now getting a make-over for the children of the virtual reality age, the toy that brought smiles and happiness to children over 20 years ago is making a comeback with more technology from the 21st century. Thanks to the collaboration of Google and Mattel, the iconic View-Master photo viewer is getting a remake into a virtual reality-based View-Master that is infused with Google Cardboard VR technology.

Mattel plans on making the announcement at the upcoming annual Toy Fair trade show on Friday (Feb 13th). The new View-Master will share a similar design to the vintage version, however popping in a slide reel is a little different, the user will have to dock an Android smartphone into the unit. The modern View-Master will work with a custom Mattel app, as well as any Google Cardboard compatible app, and there are already about 200 in the Google Play Store.

Google View-Master
The new View-Master takes its user into a virtual reality environment based on the subject of the reel, somewhat similar to the vintage model. There’s no worries about loosing the reel disc as all the contents are stored in the app, at launch it will only support Android smartphones but they are working on an iOS supported version. The device will be officially launched this fall for the retail price of $30, and a bundle of four experience will cost you about $15.

[IMG Source: Mashable]

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