Google Nexus 5 Smartphone to Launch Next Month (Rumor)

As soon as the Google Nexus 4 has become incredibly popular, there are rumors of a sequel is already coming. The Google Nexus 4 which was made by LG has been in short supply due to high demand, and according to rumors, Google and LG is already working on another device, which is said to be the Google Nexus 5.

Google Nexus 4During the CES in Las Vegas, LG revealed that they are currently working on a device with Google which could be revealed next month, we are uncertain if its will be the Nexus 5 or it will go by another name.

“Through our collaboration with Google, we launched the LG Nexus 4 smartphone. This is the first of many devices to come from our growing partnership with this very selective company.” Fisher claimed at the CES.

Google and LG initially launched the Nexus 4 back in October of last year and up to the minute of publishing this article, the handset is still sold out on Google Play, and a few mobile carriers have just launched the Google Nexus 4, so launching the Google Nexus 5 would be too soon.

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