Google Nexus 7 Tablet gets Google Wallet Support

Google has announced that they are releasing a software update for the Nexus 7 tablet that will add support for their mobile payment system, Google Wallet. The new update will enable owners of the Google Nexus 7 to use their device to pay for goods and services in the same way they would use their Android Smartphone.

Nexus 7 Tablet with Google Wallet
The media giants announced that the update should be available for the new Google Tablet now, owners should have already gotten an update notification, so it can be downloaded and installed.

We’re excited to announce that an update is being pushed to Nexus 7 to allow you to use the Google Wallet app on the device. If you’re carrying this thin, ultraportable tablet in your backpack or purse, you can now tap, pay and save with Google Wallet!

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