Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2 Smartphone May Have Curved OLED Display

The Google Pixel 2 Smartphone may feature a Curved OLED Display and no headphone Jack.

There have been rumors of Google’s Pixel 2 Smartphone in circulation, and one of the latest rumors is that the handset may come equipped with a curved OLED display.

Google Pixel 2

Here is the Google Pixel 2 Concept.. Img source: Benjamin Geskin

According to recent reports, LG is currently making a curved OLED display for the Google Pixel 2. It has been hinted that LG will be making the display for the Pixel 2.

In addition to the curved display, the Google Pixel 2 is also rumored to be ditching its headphone jack similar to what Apple did with its recently launched iPhone 7.

Google has plans to release the Pixel 2 later this year, and users can also expect the next major release of Google’s mobile OS codenamed Android O.

Based on the first Google Pixel smartphone specifications, we can expect to see a list of high-end specifications from the upcoming Pixel 2 Smartphone.

All the information stated above are strictly rumors and haven’t been proven, so take it with a grain of salt. We will keep you guys updated once more details of the Google Pixel 2 becomes available.


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