Google Play 4.0 Screenshot Leaked

Having a properly organized digital store is essential to attract more shoppers as well as having customers return on a regular basis, similar to retail stores in real life. Apple have done this on several occasions with its iTunes App Store, and it looks like Google is doing the same.

Google Play 4.0Thanks to a post by YouTube production strategist, Eileen Rivera, a screenshot of what looks like Google Play 4.0 was posted on Google+ before quickly being removed. However, this is the internet and screenshot has since been saved and made its rounds on the web.

Its uncertain when Google will be rolling out this new user interface, as Google is yet to comment on the leaked shot, but according to the guys over at Ubergizmo, Google I/O is coming up soon and this is the event where the company always reveal most of its Android news, so this could be where the Google Play 4.0 makes its grand debut.

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