Google Play adds indicator for Apps with In-app Purchases

If you are an Android user, then you probably already know that a number of the apps listed in the Google Play store has in-app purchases, but you can’t know until you download and install. After download such apps it could end up being a discomfort for you since most users already have their credit card information attached to the account, then your kids might start making in-app purchases worth thousands of dollars.

candy crushWell, Google has made a decision that will notify users of which apps in the store that features in-app purchases before they are downloaded. The web version of the Google Play Store now has an indicator for all apps that has in-app purchases, whether the app is free or paid. The new indicator appears just right of the message that tells you if the app is compatible with your device.

candy crush notificationThis is a pretty nice feature especially for parents that allows their kids to user tablets and other android devices. It will help parents decide whether they should leave their credit card information on their account or not. We have attached a picture of what it looks like when an app has in-app purchases above.

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