Google releasing an unlocked G1 for developers

Google Developer G1
Google has decided to start selling the T-Mobile G1 unlocked to developers at a cost of $399. This special is to help developers with their applications, the handset is both SIM unlocked and Hardware unlocked. First of all you must be registered as a developer before you can buy one and there is a registration fee of $25.

Now developers can buy the handset without having to go into a T-Mobile store and have to wait a week or more to get the unlock codes. This version is currently available to Japan, Germany, India, France, Taiwan, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Finland, Hungry, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, the US and the UK. Google is also planning on expanding to other regions real soon.

Recently I was on and noticed they provide unique and exclusive range of Unlocked Phones at best prices and allows users to choose the service provider of their choice.

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