Google Shopping Express launched in West LA and Manhattan

Google has been offering its Shopping Express service in the San Francisco Bay area for almost a year now. You may not have heard of the service before, but Google has decided to expand the same day delivery service for shoppers to other areas in West Los Angeles and Manhattan.

google shopping express
Google made the announcement that they have decided to start making the Shopping Express in Manhattan, New York and West Los Angeles in California. As apart of the new service, Google is offering six months of free unlimited delivery in the above mentioned areas, users can order items from participating stores, and Google will deliver the items.

The list of participating stores includes Costco, Walgreens, Target, and Fairway Market. After the six month trial is over the service will still be available at an affordable price of only $4.99 per store for deliveries. Some users are also being offered a $10 shopping credit.

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