Google unveils its Best Android Apps for 2012

Top Android AppsGoogle has release a list which comprises of the year’s best Android apps, these are the apps that got the most download from the media giants Play Store. At the top of the list is the Zappos app, which is an app for shopping for clothes, housewares, shoes and more.

Second on the list is the popular, Evernote app which allows users to jot down important notes and third on the list is the app for Pinterest, the Grimm’s Snow White app took the fourth place on the list. Other popular apps such as Expedia, and made the list.

I can understand why apps such as Twitter and Facebook didn’t make the list since most smartphone manufacturers are beginning to include them in the core of the devices instead of allowing users to install them as a third party app. If you would like to see the list of the 12 Best Android Apps of 2012, then see the list right her on Google Play.

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