Google’s Project Tango tech finds its way onto Tablets

Google’s Project Tango technology has now made its way onto over 4000 tablets with advanced vision capabilities, the technology has made the move from smartphones to tablets and Google is still hard at work on the technology. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Mountain View-based search giant has moved its technology onto a 7-inch tablet.

Project Tango
The tablet features a 7-inch tablet comes with a slew of sensors, it features “two back cameras, it has infrared depth sensors, and advanced software that can capture precise three-dimensional images of objects”. The tablet is a offshoot of the Project Tango technology smartphone.

Google will reportedly make around 4,000 of these 7-inch tablets starting as of next month, with another one of the WSJ’s sources stating that the 7-inch tablet “could be released ahead of the company’s annual developer conference scheduled for the end of June”.

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