GoSmart Stylus 200 is now available in Europe

GoSmart Stylus 200 SeriesGoSmart announced today that the GoSmart Stylus is now available in Europe through Amazon U.K. The new stylus goes for the price of £19.95 or $24.95 in the U.S since the beginning of August.

GoSmart Stylus is made of ergonomically designed solid aluminum, featuring a flexible patent-pending see-through Teflon coated stainless steel tip with Capacitive Coupling Technology for precision pointing — the smoothest and most precise stylus for iPads, touchscreen tablets, smart phones and other touch screen devices.

According to the company, the GoSmart Stylus is ideal for business people and students to quietly take notes at meetings and lectures, for doctors to update patient charts, Police and other government agencies to enter forms and tickets, artist to paint or draw smoothly and accurately as well as Emailing Documents to sign and email PDFs without the need to scan and fax.

GoSmart Demostration

The GoSmart Style 200 is now available from Amazon UK for the price of £19.95, and it is also on Amazon U.S for the price of $24.95.

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