Green House intro the GH-SC2000-2A Portable Solar Charger

Green House GH-SC2000-2AWe are now in the year 2013, the year where Hovercrafts are available for purchase by the public and it will also be a another big year for the “going green” initiative. Green House just announced its new Portable Solar Charger that goes by the model name GH-SC2000-2A.

The portable charger was designed specially for use with the iPhone and other smartphones. The new green and travel-friendly device comes equipped with a 4 stage battery level indicator LED light, it has USB port, a micro-USB port plus a built-in high-capacity 2000mAh Lithium polymer battery that takes power from the sun and re-direct it to your smartphone while on the go.

Green House is now selling the GH-SC2000-2A Portable Solar Charger in Japan for the price of 2,480 Yen which is about $28, and the portable battery comes in the color options of black and white.

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