GreenPeak ZigBee RF4CE Plug-and-Play USB Stick

GreenPeak ZigBee RF4CE Plug-and-Play USB StickGreenPeak today introduced its new and first reference design for an RF4CE USB Stick which was developed to integrate RF4CE Technology into PCs and home entertainment applications such as set-top boxes, media players and Television sets.

The USB Stick was designed to allow an easy update to devices including Media Players, PCs and Television which enables them to accept RF4CE commands from an RF4CE remote control or RF4CE wireless keyboard.

It comes in a compact USB stick design, it comes with softwares and tools pre-install to help with upgrading your devices plus there is also GreenPeak’s patented radio architecture which makes the USB stick robust against WiFi and Bluetooth connections. No pricing information was announced by GreenPeak for the ZigBee RF4CE Plug-and-Play USB Stick.

“There are two big challenges with controlling home entertainment consumer devices. One is that things don’t interoperate well and the other is that you generally have to be in the same room as most of the devices you are trying to control,” said Rob Enderle, Principal Analyst for the Enderle Group. RF4CE mentioned in the article above refers to the ZigBee RF4CE industry standard.

Source: GreenPeak

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