Gresso Regal Black Luxury Mobile Phone

Gresso launches Regal Black Luxury Phone from its Avantgarde collection

Luxury Phone maker, Gresso just announced the new Regal Black Luxury Phone which comes from its Avantgarde collection. The new Regal Black comes as a limited edition with only 333 units made and each unit goes for the retail price of $5000.

Gresso Regal Black Luxury Mobile Phone
The Gresso Avantgarde Regal Black measures 121mm x 46mm x 12mm and weighs 130 grams. It’s only valuable because of the materials used in the frame construction, as of its functionality, it runs the Symbian S40 operating system which was recently found in Nokia Mobile Phones.

The Regal Black phone features an exquisite design which was inspired by the design of a high-speed yacht, it worth $5000 per pop because it was constructed using a combination of titanium and glass, the main material is the solid titanium slab which makes it a virtually indestructible phone, that’s only if you use it as you would a regular handset.

As a handset there’s nothing we could mention that is commendable, spending five grand on the Regal Black Luxury phone would be just like buying a piece of Jewelry.

[via Gresso]

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