SmartTalk Solar

Griffin SmartTalk Solar Hands-free Speakerphone

Griffin SmartTalk Solar
Griffin Technology introduces the SmartTalk Solar, a solar-powered hands-free speakerphone that was designed specially for use with smartphones. The SmartTalk Solar comes from the company’s DriveSafe product line, it features a solar panel on the back and ship with a mount, that mounts the device to the windshield of your vehicle with the solar panel facing the glass for charging the battery.

The SmartTalk Solar uses Bluetooth technology and can be used with all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. It features a feature called motion-sensing Auto Connect that connects paired smartphones as soon as you enter the car. It also comes with the multipoint feature that allows the user to connect two phones at the same time.

SmartTalk Solar
It has a large button that allows the user to make and answer calls or they can also use their handset’s voice command option. The Griffin SmartTalk Solar Hands-free Speakerphone is now available and will cost you $69.99 to own.

[Via: Griffin Technology]

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