gScreen adds its Dual-Screen Spacebook on Pre-order

gScreen has finally decided to add its dual-screen Spacebook Laptop up for pre-order approximately two year after it was initially unveiled to the world. It features the world’s largest laptop screen space with two 17.3-inch LED-Backlit displays that both delivers a full HD 1920×1080 resolution which can also be doubled making it the largest work-space you have ever seen on a laptop.

Dual-Screen Spacebook on Pre-order
Well having a laptop with two large 17.3-inch displays sliding on top of each other could never be lightweight plus it has a body that measure 2-inch thick so there should be no surprises when you figure out that it weighs approximately 10 pounds, so don’t expect to haul this with you where-ever you go. The gScreen Spacebook will be available in two different models, there is an entry-level model that comes with an Intel 2.66GHz Core i5-560M processor, a GeForce GTS 250M Graphics processor with 1GB of VRAM as well as 4GB of RAM for a $2,395 starting price. The other high-end model will get powered by an Intel 1.73GHz Quad-core Core i7-740M Processor, same graphics card plus 8GB of RAM and starts at $2,795.

Both models may feature different specs that affects its performance but they have a few things in common such as a 500GB Hard Drive, Magnesium Alloy Lid-Frame and a Super-multi DVD Drive. If you want to be the first of your friends to show this off, the company is taking pre-orders but you will have to pay-down 50% over at gScreen’s website.

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