Half Of iPhone 5c Owners Switch From Android

Apple launched the iPhone 5C along with the iPhone 5s, the handset didn’t turn out to be the budget device that we thought it would be, but its a bit cheaper than the iPhone 5s. Even thought Apple decided to cut production on the iPhone 5c by 35% to pay more attention to the iPhone 5s, the handset seems to adopted fairly fast on the US market.

Apple iPhone 5cGiven that it’s not as cheap as we anticipated, it is hard to say if budget conscious shoppers are its main customers. However, Kantar has revealed that the iPhone 5c has seen adoption from previous Android users, it appears that they were waiting from a cheap alternative to jump ship from Android to iOS.

According to the stats, about half of iPhone 5c owners are owners of other brands from before, particularly those from Samsung and LG. This is compared to iPhone 5s which saw 80% of its owners come from previous iPhone models. It’s interesting that they point to Samsung and LG, suggesting that maybe other brands such as HTC and Sony could have more loyal users.

[Source: Ubergizmo]

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