Hammer meets Galaxy S5 Smartphone for Durability Test

Once a new smartphone gets launched to the masses, many Youtube testers put the devices through the most rigorous tests you can imagine. Well, Samsung only announced the Galaxy S5 a little while ago and a YouTuber (TechRax) already got his hands on the device and decided to see how well it would stand up to the poundings of a hammer.

samsung galaxy s5The results of the hammer’s might against the Samsung Galaxy S5 is quite predictable and turned out exactly as we thought it would. The YouTuber really put his arm into hammering the device, however it came as a surprise after he flipped it over and started hammering the back as well.

With a few hits from the hammer, the S5 battery case popped opened and with the continuos hits to the battery itself, a cloud of toxic gas released from the battery right after it it got swollen up like a fractured arm. We really don’t get the whole point of beating the crap out of your perfectly good Galaxy S5 when you could make a quick $500 by selling it on eBay.

No matter which device you grab and throw a few hits from a hammer, the end will always be the same. Unless you are comparing the amount of hits it took before shattering. I’m pretty surprised thought that the battery didn’t explode when it met the hammer from hell, instead it just shoot off like a deflated baloon. The hammer test also proved that the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a pretty durable screen.

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